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Kins global trading (Pvt) Ltd


To be the most progressive automation and security solution provider, relentless in pursuit of customer and employee excellence. We persistently strive to bring the latest technology to the homes and offices of our clientele and ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products integrated with the finest service.


To be the front runner in every industry we serve and revolutionise this company to have the strengths of a big company combined with the leanness and agility of a small one while enriching the lives of our customers with the latest automation and security solutions.


Founded in 2006, KINS Global Trading (Pvt) Ltd was a pioneer in automated gate systems and security solutions in Sri Lanka. With the strategic leadership of our founder and the top quality of our products KINS quickly rose to become a leader in our industry and by 2012 we introduced two premier European brands of automation and security to the Sri Lankan market. During the next year, with the opening of our Modern showroom showcasing the best automation and security solutions KINS firmly established itself as the prime automation and security solution provider in the country. We have built strong partnerships with world class manufacturers to possess an array of top quality products to give our patron’s the safest and most reliable experience. At KINS we regularly invest in research and development to bring the latest state of the art technology to our customers and make their lives more convenient and easy. We are constantly moving forward with creativity and innovation while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction which is our top priority. We are dedicated to serving our patrons the highest quality products with the best overall service and have been a strong presence in the industry for over 15 years, amassing an immense base of key customers who are thoroughly satisfied with the KINS Global experience.


We are specialized in automated gate systems, Barrier gate systems, Security solutions, CCTV cameras and Gate fabricating. For each industry we serve we have build strong partnerships with world class manufacturers to have a catalogue of products that are the highest quality. All our automated gate systems are of a premier European brand, BFT which is a leading automation manufacturer in the world. BFT products, made in Italy, combine the latest automation technology with a robust stylish build and extremely reliable performance.  Our security solutions are of another top European brand, ANDROMEDA made in France. We are always looking to give our customers the safest, most convenient and most reliable experience with our world class products. With KINS Global you can be rest assured to get the finest quality product.


cctv cameras sri lanka
Our dedicated after sales repair and service teams have been operating all over the island for more than a decade giving our customers peace of mind and the best user experience. We provide a two year warranty for our products with regular service visits and even after the warranty period expires our repair teams are always available to make sure any defects are taken care of. The KINS experience is all about freeing your mind from worry.
Kins global trading
Kins Gloabl trading (pvt) ltd


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