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In this market, we totally understand that a smart buyer like you will for sure shop around looking for the best price, best deals and the best product brands that suits your requirement. However most of the time the lowest price is not the best deal or the highest price doesn't mean the best quality. Making the right buy can be quite a difficult task. So to make your job easier here are eight reasons of why you should seriously consider acquiring our services. 
We don't just supply products,We supply solutions

Whether it's a specific wooden gate or an automatic gate system, Whatever your requirement is, we will tailor our services to suit your expectations. So you get exactly what you want.

The complete solution under one roof

Give your residence or workplace the perfect welcome with a classy wooden or steel gate. Then upgrade it with an automatic gate system. You can also Secure everything with our alarm systems or security cameras. Quite simply take your home to the next level with kinsglobal

Credible establishment

We have been a strong presence in the industry for more than 12 years and we are here to stay. Kinsglobal is a well established company with a solid credibility.

Fair pricing

We observe the market closely and offer competitive and fair pricing

Quality products

Our products are of some of the best brands out there in the industry. the auto gate systems are from BFT and manufactured in italy. the security systems from Andromeda,manufactured in france. The wooden and steel gates we manufacture ourselves are made from the finest material as we constantly strive to bring our customer the highest quality. With us you will get nothing but the best.

Comitted repair and after sales service

We offer a two year warranty with most of our products. We maintain branded spare parts and our dedicated repair and after sales team will make sure you get a fast and efficient response.

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