Operators for sliding gates weighing up to 600 Kg. Maximum leaf speed up to 16 m/min.Residential and commercial use. Integrated with the new D-track smart torque management system which ensures maximum safety and perfect functioning of the system, regardless of the weather and temperature conditions and degree of mechanical wear. Control unit designed for use with the Blue Entry system.


Plus features of the system

  • Partial and full opening for pedestrian and vehicles

  • Obstacle detection and crush prevention with safety sensing photocells

  • Automatic closing timer option

  • Attractive design for visual appeal

  • Personalized key for manual override during emergencies

  • Optional Battery backup allows for operation even during power failure

  • In-built locking system prevents unauthorized access

  • Remote with 100m range

  • Warning blinker to prevent accidents

  • Range of motors suitable for all types of swing and sliding gates

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CVZ rack (Galvanised steel rack)

RADIUS B LTA 24 R1 (Indication light)

CELLULA 130 (Self aligning photocells

Mitto B Rcb02 R1 (Transmitter)

T-BOX (Wireless digital keypad)

SEK (External key selector)

B 00 R01 (Metal guard for indication light)

SL BAT2 (Emergency battery kit)

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