Range of barriers for intensive and very intensive use, able to manage useful passages up to 6m. 

Control unit located in an easily accessible position and separate from the mechanical part

Limit switch system with electronic adjustment that speeds up installation and ensures maximum precision in movement.

Precise slowdown during final stage of closing and opening.

Immediate stopping and reversal of movement upon contact with obstacle. 

Underground magnetic loops that detect vehicles for trigger or safety.

Attractive visual appeal

Obstacle detection

Can be connected with a wide variety of trigger inputs like fingerprint scanners, push-buttons etc

Personalised emergency key

In-built lock


AT6 Round boom

RADIUS Warning light

Articulated joint boom

CBO Anchor base



LIGHT1 Boom light kit

MITTO Remotes

PCA N3 Rubber safety profiles

OMEGA  Accessory pack

SPIRA Magnetic loop


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