The swing away resettable impact protection connector protects the boom and barrier terminal from damage during collisions.

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The Maxima Ultra is designed for maximum simplicity during maintenance. It is accessible via three different points, from the front, top and rear. The openings are key locked

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A 230V AC electromechanical barrier equipped with an asynchronous three-phase motor and inverter, designed for very high frequency use. The Maxima Ultra 36 can manage clear drive through gaps from 2m to 6m.  It is designed to operate in a wide range of environments such as large car parks, industrial sites and motorway tolls with very heavy traffic levels

Self-Diagnostic Function

The LED Light Crown mounted on the top of the cabinet is able to communicate diagnostic information with a multi-colour coded system providing maintenance and other vital information without the need to access the control panel.

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 Traffic light function – The LEDs on the boom and barrier can act as a traffic light