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KINS GLOBAL offers a custom made Around the corner sliding gate system which affords clients benefit of excellent utilisation of space. It is an ingenious idea incorporating elements from both sliding and folding gate designs, ideal for wide openings where space is restricted and/or too tight for alternate systems. The Around the Corner Sliding Folding Gates is ideal to achieve the maximum clear opening where run back is restricted, Our precision drive system powers the gates both rapidly and smoothly and our commercial experience in endurance automation allows our systems to provide reliable all weather operation.

The round the corner gate will conveniently and quietly slide along the side of the boundary line not obscuring any valuable parking spaces. We are able to offer clients a large range of finishes- both timber and metal gates that “bend” around corners, while ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing and affording prestige.


around the crner aerial view.jpg
Telescopic gates



Telescopic gates combine the practicality and contemporary design of standard sliding gates while offering key advantages.

Telescopic gates work by individual sections of a gate overlapping each other as the gate opens.  A telescopic gate has the advantage that it takes up less space compared to other sliding gates when in the open position.  This, therefore, makes it ideal for a site where space has restricted either side of an entrance, but where the entrance itself is relatively wide.

Having two or more telescoping gate leaves moving together allows the gate to open and close much faster than a single leaf sliding unit. This is beneficial at high security locations and improves traffic flow at sites subject to high levels of traffic.

Cantilever gates



Cantilever gates are only supported at one end and are designed to operate without the need for a surface mounted track across the driveway – beneficial in high traffic or heavy vehicle areas. They are also a more reliable option than track gates as they require no track maintenance. If the driveway has either a hump or dip in the driveway, it does not matter as far as cantilever sliding gates are concerned, whereas this may be a big problem for track sliding gates.The installation of cantilever sliding gate footings can be done without disruption to the driveway, whereas this is not the case if concrete footings have to be done for track gates. The cantilever gates cannot be lifted, whereas track gates can be subject to being lifted off the track, causing possible security breaches and problems with the gate operator drive system

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